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ted foreigners not naturalized, or provided with special licenses, from owning or working mines; but this provision was repealed, and foreigners may now legally acquire mines in any part o


f the republic, provided one of the partners in each mining company resides in Mexico." From Zacatecas our friends proceeded in the direction of the capital, their next stopping-place being at Aguas Calien

tes, 120 miles farther south and nearly 2000

feet lower in elevation. Zacatecas is 8044 feet above sea-level, wh

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ile Aguas Calientes is 6179. For the first part of the journey the

rule holds good in

railway winds among the hills; then it comes out into a rich and compa

all mining regions

ratively level country, where great quantities of corn, wheat, barley, a

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nd wool are produced. The plains and hill-sides were dotted with flocks of sheep, and the numerous fields showed that the land was favorable

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to farming industries. AN OLD-FASHIONED PLOUGH. Farming in Mexico is in a backward condition, the implements being mainly of the primitive ty

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